About Torrey Hills Capital

What is Babybulls.com?

BabyBulls is a website 100% owned by Torrey Hills Capital through which our online investor communications are managed.  Information available from BabyBulls is timely and relevant, two critical components in navigating the microcap market space.  Our client focused e-newsletter, which contains meaningful client and industry related information, is delivered daily to a 100% opt-in audience of retail and institutional investors.

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Exceptional Services

Our mission is to partner with exceptional management teams of small and microcap public companies where our expertise and network of resources enable our clients, their shareholders, and potential investors to exchange ideas and information in an environment dedicated to honesty and integrity.

Unique Approach

Torrey Hills Capital thinks differently about what investor relations should look like. With thousands of small and micro cap companies looking for institutional and retail investors, we provide our clients with a way forward. With a database of investors in cities across the United States, we faciliate initial introductions and manage the ongoing exchange of information, resulting in longer term shareholders.

Experienced Team

Torrey Hills Capital was developed around the unique strengths of our people and our reputation is based on the specialized expertise and experience we bring to our clients. Our knowledge of mining, energy, technology, and healthcare businesses means value-added insight and understanding of the impact of market economics, world trends, and investment opportunities in these sectors.

Proven History of Success

Torrey Hills Capital is confident that the investor relations services we provide are the absolute best available. The reason for this, above everything else, is that the success we have achieved makes us distinct. The proof of our success is clear:


  • Longevity
  • Client Relationships
  • Reputation
Client Testimonials

Don't believe us?  Then listen to what our clients have to say.  We are proud to partner with our client companies, most of whom have renewed and/or extended our partnership beyond the initial term.  Read our client testimonials to get an idea of our clients' experiences.