Exceptional Service

We are a leading financial investor and public relations firm focused on small and microcap companies which trade in the United States, Canada, and Australia. Our marketing activities articulate our clients’ key investment attributes, strategic direction, and financial expectations, all of which combine to ensure that their market value fully reflects past achievements and future opportunities. We focus on a limited number of companies in order to provide comprehensive coverage, including unique investment related features not available anywhere else.
Institutional Focus
Our institutional network is made up of market makers, investment bankers, broker-dealers, fund managers, analysts, and newsletter writers. We make client introductions to our institutional network through the coordination of road shows in cities primarily across the United States, but also in Canada, Europe, and Australia. As a result, we develop an institutional audience specific to each of our clients, to which we distribute press releases, articles, research reports, and analyst reports on an ongoing basis. It is through access to our institutional network which our clients benefit.
Retail Focus
BabyBulls utilizes search engine optimization in partnership with Google, Yahoo, and AOL to reach small cap investors online. We provide investors with unique and syndicated content relating to our client companies, including press releases, articles, research reports, and analyst reports, on an ongoing basis, free of charge. And while our content is free, we do require that investors “opt-in” to receive our “Daily Updates” by providing us with an email address. As a result, we have developed a large and increasing audience of 100% opt-in investors and, once again, it is access to these investors which benefits our clients.
OTCQX Listing
The OTCQX is a rapidly growing trading facility in the United States that is fast becoming the favored way for Canadian companies to access the US investor community. A QX listing does not require SEC registration, compliance with onerous Sarbanes-Oxley procedures, controls, and disclosures, nor reconciliation of financial statements to US GAAP. Torrey Hills Capital can help facilitate listing on the QX through its relationships with Berns & Berns and numerous broker-dealers throughout the United States. Berns & Berns is a boutique New York City law firm concentrating on corporate and securities law. Founded in 1980, the firm has represented hundreds of public and private, foreign and domestic corporations, representing many areas including telecommunications, natural resources, oil and gas, biotech, healthcare, environmental remediation, real estate, software and hardware, and many other industries. Berns & Berns has served as a PAL (Principal American Liason) for many of the QX’s most prominent software and hardware, and many other industries. Berns & Berns has served as a PAL (Principal American Liason) for many of the QX’s most prominent companies.
Social Networking
We live in a digital age, where being connected seems as normal as breathing. Social networking Websites like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn exploit our computer-toting generation by creating the ability to socialize in cyberspace. With thousands of professionals flocking to these sites as well as to other business applications, we believe that the use of social networking sites is key to staying fresh in the new age of business interaction.  BabyBulls is at the forefront of combining social networking applications with traditional business practices to successfully market our clients to the entire universe of potential investors.